I have lived at Goodenough College for part of almost every year since 1974-75, and can say with complete confidence that the College is by far the best place in London for international post-graduate students and visiting academics to stay. The location, close to the British Library and British Museum, and within walking distance of most of the University of London colleges and many of the major sites in central London, is terrific. Terrific also describes the College staff, amenities, and cultural and athletic programs. Generations of Canadian students and established scholars who have lived at the College describe their experience as a life-transforming and great privilege. Goodenough College is a truly unique institution.

Professor Kate McCrone

Having my family stay at the Goodenough Club made for a seamless, easy-to-coordinate visit. We could meet for breakfast in the Great Hall, call as much as necessary between rooms, and explore London from the same homebase. I had classes during the day, so this setup enabled us to get the most out of our time together. It goes without saying that the rooms are absolutely lovely, the member's discount is excellent, and reception has many a helpful touristic tip.

Ariana Green

Many thanks for everything. Please convey my regards to all staff at Reception and catering they have been very helpful. London was great as usual!

British Council

I have stayed at the Goodenough Club for several years and think it is about time that I expressed my appreciation.  I believe that you provide an excellent facility and your staff make it exceptional.  I appreciate the Club because it provides all the facilities of a good hotel in central London, but it has the benefits of not being an impersonal central London hotel. Congratulations on running such a good place.


We have a number of staff staying with you at the moment and they all adore your Club. Feedback so far is excellent, they have been saying your staff are the friendliest they have ever met in London and the beds and linen etc are very lovely - and they all love the breakfast area - they all think it is like Harry Potter.

Alli Doherty - WSPA International

No traffic, no crowds. What a wonderful location if you like to get away from the bustle and noise of London.  Not what I was expecting - not at all like a standard tourist hotel - and all the better for it. The houses are separate. In one front door for reception, in another to locate the room! Sunday "brunch" was served in the College. Long refectory tables, Sunday papers strewn around and a very untouristy feel. Excellent.

J Waters

An unexpected gem in the heart of London. Good value, excellent room and nice food in the morning.

D Walling

A real gem of a place in London. Private and quiet, yet very central and close to Kings Cross, St. Pancras stations.

Will definitely revisit.

P Netchaef


For each of the past 21 years, it has been my good fortune to lead a group of graduate law students from Loyola University Chicago School of Law to London.  Our groups of about 20 law students, faculty and friends arrive each year in late December and stay for about two weeks. Since the beginning, we have stayed at Goodenough College.  My expectation was that the College would be our headquarters - a well-located place to stay, conveniently near both the Inns of Court and the majesty of Central London.  However, I did not expect that it would become our home, where staff members became friends and partners in our success, and where we would feel that we belonged.  Over the years, our accommodations have changed, from the old Annex, to the years in the London House, to the modern rooms at the Club.  But while the rooms have changed, the really important things have remained constant: the welcoming spirit, the friendship of the staff and administration, and the abiding sense that each year, Goodenough College is as committed as I am to the success of our program. I will always be grateful to my friends at Goodenough and I can’t wait to get back.

James Faught, Loyola University Chicago